Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hi, everyone.
Today I would like to talk about a picture. I get so many questions from people who are always curious about the avatar which I use on all of my blogsites. Someone is always asking me what it is supposed to represent. well, for all the curious-minded commenters out there, it is a picture of an angel.
I first saw the photo on a ghosts and angels website, although I don't remember which one. Still, I do not claim to own the picture, I just find it inspiring and hope the owner will indulge me in its use. Anyway, there was a story on the website which told about the origin of the picture. I can't quote it verbatum, however I can tell it as I remember it. If I am wrong, I hope someone will correct my telling of the events.

Sometime ago, there was a lady who had entered a photo contest at her church. She wanted an unusual photo to enter in the contest. One evening, about dark, she was driving along and saw some clouds and a bit of the Milky Way reflected in a lake. She thought the image was pretty and would make an interesting picture for the contest. She stopped, got out of her car, and took a few shots of the lake reflection. she then took her film to be developed. Later on, when she went to pick up the prints, the developer asked her where she had gotten the angel, but she had no idea about what he meant, until he showed her the prints. There, in the middle of one of them was the beautiful image of an angel. Even though she had taken several shots, the angel appeared in only one photo; the rest were of clouds and stars reflected in a lake. The lady entered the photo in the contest and won first prize. The young man who got her permission to post the photo on the internet had known the lady for several years, and believed her regarding the picture's authenticity, but he took the shot to an expert in photographic techniques, just to see if the man could provide an explanation for the image in the photo. The photo expert verified the pictures authenticity, but could offer no explanation for the image in the print.

This photo has been viewed by many people, most of whom have no trouble seeing the 'Angel image' right away; your's truly included. Then, there are others who view the picture but are unable to make out the Angel without seeing it a few times. Still others never see the angel image. I am posting a larger version of the picture here to see how many viewers can see it  easily, and how many others have trouble spotting the Angel. I welcome comments from viewers of this amazing image.

This is a very striking image, with the Angel peering over her right shoulder. It is something which fits into the realm of the unusual; very unusual, indeed. I hope everyone enjoys seeing this picture and also enjoys the amazing story behind it. Just another one of life's wonders, I guess. At least, it is a wonder to me, and I am sure to all of the other people out there who believe in miracles...and Angels. Take care. Anna


  1. Dear Anna,
    When I first saw your avatar, I knew it was something different. I was pretty sure that it's about the heavenly bodies like some sort of stars. Now you've explained it I could see what you meant about the angel. If it is, the wings are very pronounced although the face is a bit bright and lacking details.
    Well if it is true, she's one lucky lady to witness such a phenomenon. Thanks for sharing this lovely story.

  2. Dear sister HYDS,
    Sorry I didn't get this message sooner; so many things going on I couldn't begin to tell you about them all. Yes, dear the lady who saw this image is fortunate to have witnessed it. The young man who posted the picture on the net, was certain of it's being authentic. So was the photography expert who examined it. (I wish it were me who saw it. I love that sort of thing, and I have had my share of unusual experiences. I may tell you about some of them, sometime. take care dear, and thanks for your nice comment.